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The aspects of the television coverage of the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas

The way in which the TV covered the issue of  the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and the issue of Golden Dawn is of particular interest. Perhaps the different ways to approach the issue show different reactions and trends towards fascism within the capitalists block as a friend said. Perhaps it is too early for such estimates but it would be good to see the ways in which the media covered it.

1st way

The first way is the approach of Paul as a good kid. So Paull, the good guy , who was simply watching a football game with his girlfriend and then a fasist stabbed him . The murdered Fyssas with this perspective is presented as a harmless , as one of us ( from these, the every day family simple guys ) who died in vain and mostly irrational . This effort is not accidental. The clash between Paul and the Fasist ,is presented as a conflict of democracy , between innocence and crime , between democracy and the fasism of Golden Dawn . So democracy that nurtured fascism , all those democratic forces who worshiped him secreatly as a necessary part for the war against the antagonistic/proletarian movement , now they come clean. Democracy, peace and normalcy vindicated . Paul’s image is deformed to fit the boxes of democracy, Golden Dawn who killed him is portrayed as a group of crazy, mindless and insane . The broader social forces colliding in society, which at that time thickened behind Fyssas and the thug of Golden Dawn not appear anywhere , unlike they are hushed and disappeared . If the  competition between the Capital and proletariats led to biological assassination of Paul, the political form of capital in the current phase –  the democracy – to be vindicated requires the murder of his memory, of his choices of who he was. Paul Fyssas is put on the table of democratic Procrustes and comes to fit the measures of democracy. “Pavlos Fyssas dear viewers was one of you ( and in his place could be any one of you) , a collateral victim of a battle between mad , insane , between political extremes. This was the baseline of tv channels , MEGA, ANT1 and Star and of a large percentage of newspapers.

2nd way

The second and best interpretation is the one that followed the SKY channel. No. Paul was not a random guy. HE had  previous unsettled deals with the killer and eventually the killer stabed him. The state must intervene and do something! Although ultimate goal is still the concealment and distortion of the special characteristics of Fyssas here they followed another tactic and the blame is increasingly on the offender and the victim, nether is related to democracy or fascism nor to anti-fascism. The social situation has nothing to do with that.  It was a common criminal act and the state must intervene. The Golden Dawn is purely a criminal organization, the problem is not it’s fascism or fascism in general, but that they act outside the law. This was the baseline of Sky channel until the first day after the murder and now, as the days go by, is an amalgam of all the above.

the newspapers and  the interviews of Golden Dawn members.

Interesting is how the homicide reflects on the newspapers. The interview ( interviews ) of ” former” Golden Dawn members in various tabloids , whether true or not, show us something very interesting . Beyond the complaint of the G.D as a gang of murderers and criminals , the G.D is strongly presented as “fake” nationalists. The excerpt from the NEA newspaper interview says that G.D gives to Pakistani people clothes to sell them in the black market .That rather emphasizes that they are not ” serious ” nationalists and that the quotes of G.D on anti-immigrant policies was blowing smoke . The statement implied is ” G.D you are done!  you’re not fascist enough , not chasing enough immigrants with whom we have such a problem ,so we turn to the network 21[1] who is government and does “the”  job ….” . As it is apparent, this is a conservative review , and it does not state anything really againt fascism . This interview promoted extensively by the mainstream internet greek news portals and the TV channels in the role of ” fiery denunciation ” against G.D and against the strongest of their arguments/ – the immigration problem – to discourage and demystify the organization to those who voted for a rasist solution of this problem through hte policies of G.D. This tactic suits perfectly with the rhetoric that the dead guy was an every day Greek guy, that G.D killed the kid next door , a Greek child etc…


 there is an immediate need to create a riposte to all this democratic rhetoric, in all its manifestations.Not just to restore the memory of P. Fyssas but to present the whole thing as what it really is. He was anti-fascist. Anti-fascism today means many thing exept being againts fasicm. It meens being against Capital, against the depreciation of the value of labor-power, to be in solidarity etc, today the anti-fascist, with their partial and problematic features – are a barrier for Capital. Fascism on the other is the condensation, the form of the fiercer, the more vertical and aggressive claims of the capitalist class, of the small and numerous personifications of Capital. The conflict was and will be proletariat indiscipline  against capital.

[1] Network 21 is a internal fraction of the ruling party of Greece Nea Demokratia(new deomcracy). The Nea Demokratia party is considered a neo-liberal/conservative party, right wing. It was widely known in Greece that within the Nea Dimokratia party there were people with more far right political views but they were always a minority. Their main organization/sub group was a group called “network 21”. This group until the recent years was active only about problems/puplic affairs that had to do with national pride(such us the macedonia naming dispute). That was until a few years back. Because of the rising of the class struggle in Greece the ruling party started moving more far right. Last year the fraction of network 21 became the rulling fraction within the rulling party, and within the prime minister’s office. Since then the rulling party made a clear turn to more nationalistic rhetoric and policies.


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