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No country for the condemned

1. The dissolution of worker identity, state and the background of Ukrainian crisis as a contradiction of the Ukrainian state. The democratic national (and nationalist obviously) revolt of Ukraine of last December(2013) raised many issues on state theory, and imperialism/anti-imperialism as a political position and “ideology”. Initially a question about the state (and perhaps about … Continue reading

Афины, Пелла, Салоники и другие места

Вступительный комментарий от посткап / post-cap. Размышления нашего греческого товарища об альтернативной экономике, которая ошибочно принимается за форму борьбы с капиталом. В то время как греческое государство обеспечивает капиталистам выплату банковских долгов, заставляя рабочих расплачиваться за кризис, активисты реализуют свои методы объединения и противостояния. Они выражаются в попытках изолировать себя от враждебной капиталистической системы. Неужели … Continue reading

Athens, Pella, Thessaloniki and anywhere else

Capitalists show us their teeth and we just laugh about it. We will always have a Manolada or a Pella situation[1] In Athens a few days ago a 28-year old was killed by thumbs after beating. The reason was simple and clear, he asked for the unpaid salaries of his girlfriend and he was killed … Continue reading

Songs of the Black Sea

an older analysis of ours on the Ukrainian events(written back in March of 2014).  What can be said about what is happening in Ukraine? We can stretch the events or squeeze them into our preexisting ideological context. Or the contradictory form of riots in Ukraine requires us to look back to the events to redefine … Continue reading

Notes on the “Fascist” state of Ukraine and many more

Note 1 The state of Ukraine is not fascist, but of democratic/liberal. I’ll explain what I mean immediately. First, the assumption that the state of Ukraine is fascist makes a dangerous logical leap.It Identifies the ideological direction of the government with the form of the state,it makes the logical leap of the equalization of government … Continue reading